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Nkomazi Water Dilema by West Nkuna

The Nkomazi Local Municipality is located in the eastern part of the Ehlanzeni District Municipality of the Mpumalanga Province. The municipality is strategically placed between Swaziland (North of Swaziland) and Mozambique (east of Mozambique). It is linked with Swaziland by two provincial roads and with Mozambique by a railway line and the main national road (N4), which forms the Maputo Corridor

One wonders if there will ever be justice for people in Nkomazi they have all the resources but the municipality is failing the community due to poor service delivery. People in our community are struggling get access to water. Even though we have Nkomazi  river and we have Drikopies dam but the taps are almost dry. In  Steenbok  they receive water twice a week in Mgobozi or they have to buy water. There are so many poor people who cant afford to buy water. We are told that we have access to water but our rivers has been polluted and there is limited access. Many people women and children they have to work long distance to access water specially where they share a taps.  We call on the government to make



Article Writing by: West Nkuna