Community Alerts/ Modise Tlhako/North West Province/ 20 October 2016


Dominionville is not far from the mine called shiva uranium, this mine is owned by the famous Gupta family and the son of the state president Duduzane zuma. As a community we are challenged, Unemployment has reached an acceptable stage, service delivery in particular water andelectricity are a daily struggle, land ownership remains a major challenge, who can believe that in 21 years of democracy one is still complaining about such kind of things under the watch of our government. we have tried to involve all the relevant stake holders regarding the above problems but nothing happened thus far, we  want the world to know tha the guptas bought us as poverty and not development.  They claim that they own the portion of the land we are currently staying at; we feel as the community that the Guptas capture us too. They are busy mining but no one from this village got employed, we will like to call the people of South Africa to come and help us out in our misery.