Community Alerts/ Mandla Jwili/Ekurhuleni /26 May 2017

On the 26th May we had meeting in our office in Kwa Thema in Ekurhuleni with visitors, students from Fordham university school of law in New York namely Christopher Ziemba, Olivia Scandura and Zenande Booi.

Purpose of their visit here is to conduct a research on how mining affect communities directly and indirectly, they wanted to find out where mines are no longer operating and not rehabilitated, where mines are operating and communities are facing pollution, contaminated water or no water at all, cracks on housing due to the blasting by mines and destroying infrastructure, where mining start to establish itself and the community face the following:

1.No consultation process,

2.Mines not adhering to environmental laws,

3.No employment.

Mandla Jwili (EEO) interviewing Zanande Book and Christopher Ziemba (Fordham University) New York, USA Research on community struggle.

Good day my name is Zenande Booi I’m in Ekurhuleni environmental organization offices in Kwa Thema East of Johannesburg, I’m from Fordham university school of law in New York. I’m doing research on impact and the ability of people to protect their right to land in relation to mining and form of development or whether are protected or law protect them or allows them to and the role of government should make sure people’s rights are protected and impact o traditional leaders on people’s land rights. Traditional leaders are helping people on their rights or making them less secured.

Stakeholders views in South Africa

Good day my name is Christopher Ziemba I’m studying in Fordham university in new York, as I was travelling in South Africa interviewing different community organizations and NGO’s is the same story we headed echoing mining interests  coming and essential looting from communities leaving gaping hole not giving jobs that they promised leaving total environmental damage without people being having a voice and without holding mining companies accountable with promise they made and be able to deny to say that don’t do that to the communities, same story we  heard when travelling and very informative and confirming it what I heard many times. By Mandla Jwili.