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Mine dust blows over bread and buns, and does cemetery on a mine dump make sense?

Community Alerts/Rapule Moiloa/Soweto-Gauteng/09/02/18

Sasko is a company situated at Aeroton and all the other firms that makes food are situated that side. Sasko bakes all sorts of bread one can think of. Problem when it’s windy dust from the dump blows towards the direction of these firms and I ask myself if the bread, buns etc baked is protected from the dust?

Still at Aeroton there’s a new grave yard in Aeroton and it is alongside mine dump it’s a place where by many people have started using to bury their loved ones. That land is part of a dump, imagine when the families of all the deceased go the to check on the graves of their loved ones and find that the graves have sunken yet they have paid more than R10 000 for the burial for the land. Big tombstones are not welcomed there are terms and conditions apply but you are paying, how troublesome it is? By Rapule Moiloa