Community Alerts/Mduduzi Tshabalala/Gauteng-VEJA/21/04/18

The Gauteng, Free State and North West Inter-provincial Caucuses took place at Vanderbjlpark Public Library.

Members across the above mentioned provinces raised their concerns, and mostly are:

1. Prevention of water waste through leacks- after a leack is been reported but not attended by local authorities, how do communities prevent the situation from getting worse.
2. Water Metering (Smart Metres) and how, where and where not it works?
3. What are the Water Laws and Policies?
3. Who is responsible for all of the pollution in the natural environment?
4. Ways to advocate for access to clean water in the natural environment for cultural, spiritual, agricultural and recreational.
Members are engaging on direct issues and will discuss strategies on group commissions, and later on Prof. Merry Galvin will give a presentation on the National picture about water, and Crd Ferrial Adams is presenting about the Water Guide Toolkit they did together with R2K Campaign. By Mduduzi Tshabalala