Community Alerts/Talita Mogolegeng/Dominionville-Klerksdorp/19/05/2018

My name is Talita Mogolegeng from village called Dominionville next to N12 road 30kilo/m from Klerksdorp Matlosana municipality. A caregiver at Atlegang Home base Care a member at Catholic

Justice and Peace Commission.


What have we done as Dominionville community? Answer we don’t know who is having knowledge only Shiva Uranium, former President Jacob Zuma and the Gupta’s Good people (DMR) the Department of Mineral Resources could you please give us our land back. How can you owe the land which was owned by other’s you can ask who is other’s (the community)


The Problem is:

Uranium mine came and operated without consulting our community this occurred 2003, corporation from Canada Uranium mine came community only here that last month April 2018 after protests by a member from mayor office that the company buy the land we staying at without consulting Dominionville



From who did you buy the land? Who do you consult first? How did it happened and where did you meet? Who was involved and Why did it happen? It is important to work together with good team spirit now. With who did you discussed Social Labour Plans (SLP). In Local Economic Development (LED)it has been described as a process of building up the economic capacity of a local area to improve its economic future and the quality of life for all. It is a process by which public, business and nongovernmental sector partners work collectively to create better conditions for economic growth and employment generation.


In Dominionville is not been done like they described it. Local Economic Development (LED)projects are aimed at contributing toward the eradication of poverty and community upliftment in the area. For us there were none of the abovementioned done. Shiva Uranium mine has not conducted mining operations and in areas from which the majority of employees are sourced. These projects are identified in consultation with local authorities and in the context of the Integrated Development Plan(IDP). For our community of Dominionville it does not works for them.


Through the (IDP)Integrated Development Plan its associated social economic studies Shiva Uranium has not developed Local Economic Development (LED)projects that will make a significant impact on sustainable livelihoods and development. Important, the Local Economic Development pillar of each Social Labour Plan should seek to enable the community in which the mine is operating(inclusive of the labour sending area)to became an economically  stronger entity by  and not  limited to increasing business skills, entrepreneurship, jobs creation and income. For Dominionville community we been left by biggest NO which is NOTHING have been done.


Local Economic Development (LED)excludes community on these items:

Access of Land, No School, No Boreholes and water reservoirs drilled and installed in Dominionville to give them access to water, No bricklaying training course’s presented to the community to assists in creation of employment opportunities, No food parcels distributions as part of Atlegang Home Base Care initiatives No(SHOOL)that will be outlifting with computers center and computers to improve literacy of pupils. For Clinic only mobile, Buy Caring and Responsibility {SAFETY}


The first priority in workplaces is to protect the Health and wellbeing of all the people. They must take a proactive approach to health and safety. Their goal must be continuously improvement in the prevention of occupational disease and injuries.



They must recognise that their activities must have impact on the society and the environment. They must give care profoundly about their performance in relation to environmental protection, human right and health and safety.



They must value open relationship and communication based on integrity-cooperation, transparency and      mutual benefit and society in general. Dominionville community left by old shafts     that are opened dangerous to them. Tailing dams that are hazardous to them during weather conditions blows dust in windy months August we want our life back and access to LAND. By Talita Mogolegeng