Community alerts/Aubrey Thobejane/Modimolle/1106/2018, 11:59]

Sedtrade sustainable engineering developments is a service provider hired by Twickenham mine to upgrade a road from Hackney shaft to Ga-Mathule were it joints R 37 road which goes to Petersburg, Burgersfort this upgrading it goes  vai Modimole, Ga-Mongatane towards Ga-mathule is part of Twickenham mine’s SLP which was supposed to be done by 2002 in their first SLP when they start their mining project and this road project was facilitate by Business forum which was established by self elected CEF which was comprised of this members Mr V Mphofela ,A Mashabela ,E Mashabela, E M Mashabela and their fellow comrades in the intentions of getting subcontracts. Only one of them has been successful ( Eric Mashabela )he is now a social consultant of Sedtrade, and had used the power of that CEF to acquire this job even now this Business forum has influence on the Sedtrade sustainable engineering development the ones who have a final say on which subcontracts to hire

Story by: Aubrey Thobejane