Kanganjo Ephraim/Kalumbila /13/04/2018

This is a platform which was initiated by EITA and the mine to discuss      developmental issues  in Musele community, the committee has 15 members drawn from all zones in Musele. It has been long since the committee mate but finally yesterday we mate and many issues were tabled out and it was for the first  time this committee meeting  the General manager fqm. Also the govt heads of department in Kalumbila district were in attendance, issues discussed were 1.CSR budget for 2018, 2.Local recruitment, 3.Compensation  ,4.Land issue.

Mwiya Mwandawande

I think this is the first ever mining company in Africa that can have a general manager meeting the village committee

The community mining advisory committee meeting a platform initiated by EITA with support from Diakonia SAP project in kalumbila. The committee has 15 more members representing 15 zones in musele chiefdom.The committee includes lines government department and EITA represents civil society.. For the first time kalumbila minerals general manager participated in the meeting. Key issues for discussion CSR budget for 2018…employment and local business development.. Sustainable compensation and Land. This indeed is a major milestone.. Normally we form committees in the communities and they remain non functional…