/ Grace Kanyenda/Beats FM Radio/08.05.18/ Solwezi North Western Province, Zambia.
The illegal mining of Uranium by Kansanshi mining PLC in Solwezi district has been a concern by communities hosting the mine. Bench Marks Foundation experts from South Africa last year did a test in Kabwela area, a community near the mine on the levels of radiation in the area.
The test showed that Kabwela community has the highest levels of radiation compared to other areas in the district. Rivers and streams near Kansanshi mine has no vegetation or living creatures because the water has been contaminated with radiation particle’s.
The picture above shows little children playing in Kansanshi river which has been contaminated with radiation particles.
Radiation is destroying the environment that sustains the people of Kabwela and this can be seen through the water that has been contaminated and the crops.
Exposure to radiation increases the risk of damage tissues, cells, DNA and other vital molecules.
And Kansanshi mining PLC, CEO Philip Pascal refuted the allegations that they mine Uranium.
But the question is, where is the radiation in kabwela community coming from?.