Better housing for all

Community Alerts/David Gaanakgomo/Tigane; Klerksdorp/19/07/2018

The national elections are nearer and the promises are the game of the day. Tigane residents were promised better housing but others passed on waiting. Tigane is a community next to the Sheva Uranium mines and its population is growing fast. It is known as the township with mud houses during the apartheid regime. During 1994 election campaign the residents were promised better housing, but now are facing the 6th democratic election and still find people living in mud houses. Its population grew fast due to the dawn of gold and uranium mining. Little did happen with the development. There are no shopping center nor recreational facilities. There is a new extension which was built and the people who are living in an informal settlement which was formed due to political fight were promised houses in extension 5. The extension was built but the residents from informal settlement never got houses instead, the foreign nationals are the ones who got the houses because they paid for it. Some of the newly built houses are given to the occupants who do not qualify for free housing as they earn more salaries, worse of all one of the houses is being used as a medical surgery. According to the residents when consulting with municipality official are told that they have to wait for next extension which is still to be found. The waiting list is very long and no development is visible. The people are still renting in the backyards as they await their turn to get houses. By David Gaaanakgomo