Community alerts/Aubrey Thobejane/Modimolle/25/06/2018, 16:01]

Pabalelo Masemola, Nthuthu Maepa, Karabo Phasha and their fellow friends are stopping that contractor who was hired by Twickenham mine to do pump testing on the boreholes that were drilled at Modimole village they were sent by Modimole headman E M Mashabela he told them that the contractor did not consult him and the community so I phone the contractor by the name of Lukas and asked him if he did consult the headman E M Mashabela he told me that he did he went to his house accompanied by the social performance co coordinator Mr V Mphofela of Twickenham mine the gave him undisclosed amount of cash and he gave them a go-ahead and now the headman has mobilize this young boys to stop this pump testing by telling them the lies that I have hired people from Mantsekane and that I have stopped mine that it was to be opened here at Modimole village, which is totally lies he only wants another money from the contractor.

Story by Aubrey Thobejane