Community Alerts/Rapule Moiloa/Diepkloof-Soweto/12/07018

The community of Diepkloof is tired of being fed lies and more lies regarding houses since 1996 as registrations were done. It’s been 24 years waiting and today a meeting was held at extreme park in Diepkloof Zone5 to hear from the delegation that went to human settlement department for answers since meetings were held and no answers were given.

The community has decided that whether the answer is positive or negative forward is where the community is going to take land outside the place known as 13 where the SAPS used to park recovered stolen cars. Already the community has taken over land what they are waiting for is a green light, police or no police, red ants or no red ants, government or not they moving

Another issue is the problem of many foreign nationals who have houses that were supposed to be for locals, but foreign nationals own RDP houses, there are more targeted lands to be occupied in coming days or months not far from Diepkloof and the number of people who attended the meeting at the park were over 300 people. By Rapule Moiloa