Community Alerts/Rapule Moiloa/Diepkloof-Soweto/23/07/2018

There are some of the houses that are left without completion and that’s money wasted by the human settlement department. There are still people who still have the forms that show that they are waiting for their houses and to this day nothing is happening.

I look at Diepkloof hostel in Zone 6 where there are RDP flats that where built when Tokyo Sexwale was minister of human settlement back then and since then no one has occupied these houses and I ask myself a question why on earth can someone build houses at the hostel knowing very well that could start a fight which happened when the councilor tried to accommodate people from another place in to those flats.

To these days no one has ever stayed there because of the behavior of those living there within the hostel and most are people from KZN which many are taxi drivers and taxi owners. When the councilor tried to allocate those, who have been on a waiting list he had a death warrant signed for the people, so money is wasted and no one has spoken about the flats in Diepkloof hostel since they were built. By Rapule Moiloa