Community Alerts/ Dawn Anderson/ Riverlea-Soweto/25/07/18
Many are using heaters and people are cooking as they from work. Daily  power failures is a concern,  it’s affecting our sick living from the oxygen machines. Some homes house two to eight shacks in their backyards without additional circuit breakers, the power box cannot handle so much electricity use.
It’s a costly issue those who can manage to buy lamps, gas stoves. Food had to be removed from the fridge and left with friends. Residents fear for the person who goes to the transformer substation to reconnect electricity he could get electrocuted they say. A resident said they shouldn’t blame the shack dwellers. Housing is a big issue, the government doesn’t take it into consideration that communities expand and they are not upgrading the system. The community cannot turn a blind eye to people looking for a dwelling. People are shocked when opening taps, gates they worried that a powerful current could kill their children. The  Ward Councillor is aware of the situation in the community he asked City Power to upgrade the system. By Dawn Anderson