The Youth in Community Cooperation of Thulani Snake Park took an initiative in a Swamp!!

Community Alerts/Thokozile Mntambo/Snake Park-Soweto/12/07/18

Since from march 2018 I interviewed the ward councillor for development of sports and arts and culture at Snake park about the children who are swimming in the evaporation ponds. The department has not made any action until today.

The concerned youth of Snake Park has taken an initiative by cleaning a swamp that is not too far from the tailing. They have discovered that it has a beautiful view, ducks swimming in the streams and beautiful birds flying.

So, they decided to take children out for excursions in this wet land. They show them the animals and to explore the good side of nature. This swamp was used by contractors to dispose their rubbish. Now the youth has great ideas that it must be cleaned and one day it must be made a nature reserve. By Thokozile Mntambo