Is it laundry or laundering the elderly

Community Alerts/ David Gaanakgomo/ Klerksdorp-Tigane/23/08/18

Tigane old beer hall was turned into a community center where the civil society organizations would meet and use it as their meeting place. The elderly were meeting at this place every day and do their projects like sewing, beads and even have their soup kitchen.
Then all of a sudden an unknown developer came. Now the center which was used by CSO’s was taken by the mysterious investors who were going to turn it into a laundry which was supposed to create job opportunities for community members. The community was not consulted and the councilor just informed the CSO’s to vacate the center. Even the paralegal office was closed, not to mention the literacy classes for the elderly. While the community was bearing the brunt of CSO’s being homeless, came the provincial strike which wanted the premier out of office. Some of the ruling party members stopped the development stating that is one of the premier’s developments which would be one of his businesses. The laundry was supposed to render services to the Shiva Uranium mine and Supreme poultry abattoir.
Now the property is being looked after by a private security and when I wanted to take pictures I was told that I will be in a tight corner as I will be interfering with the private property. Since when has it been a private property? They told me that the councilor gave them strict instruction that I should not come near the building as I was writing articles for Klerksdorp Blog. I had to take pictures during the night as the building is next to the municipality office. I need to ask someone else to take pictures for me.
When interviewing the elderly they said were waiting for the promised venue. David Gaaanakgomo