Community alerts/ Katlego Malesa/ Ga-Makgopa/06/08/2018 12:5

Its a living nightmare for the community of  Ga-Makgopa village for living near a mine operation with no water. Ga-Makgopa village is a village in Sekhukhune fetakgomo Tubatse municipality.


The community is near Twickenham mine that is being in operation since 2003,and since then  till now the people still lacks water. The situation is so bad that even those rivers that the villagers depended on they are as dry as a Kalahari. The borehole doesn’t even provide enough water since the mine operating underground taking all the water, those with no money in their pockets its a living nightmare cause no money no water for them..water come and go in this village and it never seems to be available for a long time because the machine that the mine has given the community is small and always damaged we don’t know whether is bought second hand or not cause it doesn’t seems to last for a month or two and whenever is damaged the community suffer a lot and the villagers get their water from the river that does not have water anymore and the little water in the river they can find its dirty and contaminated you boil it before using it or u buy water from the truck that sells around the community paying R30 for each 250L of water. And for those who can’t afford to buy its so painful to see them pushing a wheelbarrow to the river they is 5 km away where they wait for water to full at least one 20L of a bucket for almost two hours or even more than that.


So situation is always being from bad to worse and now is almost six months not having water in the community, municipality are also given villager empty promises to provide them with bigger machine that will provide the whole village with water but till today the suffering still taking place in a village  of platinum operation.


Story by Katlego Malesa