On the 26th of June 2018 ZIDAWU started its outreach program in Chiadzwa in a bid to educate workers and community on their rights including labour rights. The other motive being to access developmental progress in the area. The program is being supported by Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA) in collaboration with EU.

The meeting held at headman Chiadza’s chambers was attended by 32 participants ,though there was high turn up of man against women. The scheduled program is to reach other communities like Chimanimani, Arda Transau ,Penhalonga and Hot Springs.

However there seems to be a doubtful watch of space in terms of the chameleon pace development progress happening in the community by ZCDC. Rehabilitation of the used up land is being done now though at a very slow pace. The probability whether this is for real or its just time buying to the scheduled 30 July election needs unwavering reverting scales. The community’s trust is somehow staggering.

Concerning employment policy the community said there are no noticeable changes yet. Those who are employed admitted that there are no medical tests done to access the impacts of dust infections save for the one contacted when recruited. There is still load shading to section 65 of our constitution which support the free choice of workers to join or form a workers union of their own. A lot needs to be done.

Mr Mirirai Chiadzwa son to headman Chiadzwa said as the community they are disturbed about the public stunt portrayed by ZCDC which doesant tally with what is on the ground .He said the community’s voice is so weak and suppressed to such an extend that community voices are insignificant in the national public media platforms.

As half a loaf is better than nothing ,the community of Chiadzwa said they are glad to witness these sustainable developments and wish for progress continuation even after the elections.
From the voice of the community.

Compiled by Billian Matambo
Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Workers Union (ZIDAWU 24 june 2018