Community alerts/ Elton Thobejane/ Morapaneng village/31/07/2018/ 15:07]

We have observed quite number of doorstep communities struggling to access water supply recently.

Morapaneng village is situated between Hackney and Twickenham shafts of the Twickenham mine . This community depends on one resuscitated borehole and pump for the supply of underground multipurpose water supplier through a network of pipes.

This borehole dried up since last week Monday forcing the poor community to buy water at R35 per 200 litres from the local Entrepreneurs. We believe this is due to the water flow disturbance underground. this has since being reported to the local municipality and the Twickenham mine for assistance but they have not come to do fact finding for the course of the problem.

Story by : Elton Thobejane