Community Alerts/Amogelang Tsahabalala/Sefikile-Rustenburg/19/09/2018


Sefikile is a village that was bought by 52 men in 1910. The villagers used to plough for a living, had lots of livestock. Then came 1946 when the mining company came and the Chief who was a trustee for Sefikile village made arrangements without the community knowing. The Chief made a 40 years deal with the mine if the mine would do their duties as they agreed more especially with the SLP but it included the whole community.


Then came the municipality, Moses Kotane Local Municipality, and the Chief and the mine called Anglo Platinum Union Mine taking and making decisions without our knowledge. The mine built the clinic for the community which is good for the community. The former minister of mineral resource Mr M Zwane then we started asking questions that why not Minister of Health there was no answer, they brought new furniture when the ribbon was cut but a week later thing changed when the furniture was taken and old furniture brought in. And before that clinic was built we had our clinic that we as a community built for ourselves and we never had a problem with that as it was working just accordingly. Then Chief Mr Nnyalala said that the clinic will have 2 ambulances, will work 24 hours, will have a professional doctor and qualified nurses and but none of that has happened.


The clinic is short staffed, no doctor, it is not working 24 hours as it should and no ambulances as promised. Now we have a problem with our old people not getting what they should get as promised. Shortage of pills is also a part of the problem now, long queue, and that means you will stay longer than expected. The doors of the clinic are in a bad condition, don’t lock properly, the beds are not even comfortable, the maternity ward is not working at all, there are no steps to the beds and the clinic asked those steps from the council, none of the things were said has happened after all. We as the community say that justice should be served to Sefikile community by those who wronged them and do the right things and also by ones who wronged the Sefikile community. Promised duties should be delivered to Sefikile community.


The clinic should work 24 hours, professional doctor, 2 ambulances that were promised, professional nurses as promised for the benefit of the whole community of Sefikile. That should happen then we as the community will be happy and the proper services of the clinic will benefit us all. Our elderly, pregnant women, all who have chronic diseases, youth and everyone will have peace of mind knowing that services are now being served accordingly. Clean and happy clinic staff means a healthy Sefikile community. By Amogelang Tshabalala