Community alerts,Mpumalanga, Phola/Ogies, Siyabonga Lukhele, 2018/09/17

As residence of phola township we are facing a sewage problem in the community hall and the municipality doesn’t care about our health and the issue. I’m writing this as a concern community member because there are government departments with offices there and some organisations.
people will get sick because of the leaking sewage and they have to jump there to get inside even old people have to jump there. The clinic is near’by but they don’t care. This can cause sickness because mothers bring along New born babies to apply for social grant, birth certificates, ids and kids are playing there which is not good for their health .you can even see dirty toilet papers,pads; tampons etc. Which come from the blocked toilet drains and instead of closing the toilets they don’t care but there are security guards who also just sit there for the whole day and do nothing. we are inhaling the bad air which is not good for our health. We plea to the municipality to help us by providing people with good service and solving the sewage issue.we are also human beings, why can’t he/she have mercy, our govermment is failing us inĀ  being ignorant and there is a lady who is selling food inside the centre how are we going to eat and stay healthy. I am writing this as a concerned community member because the municipality doesn’t care about us.