Community Alerts/Kennedy Pholose/Thekwana-Rustenburg/22/09/2018

In Thekwana particularly Mafoke and Beirut sections. There are health-related issues such as sewage spillages and illegal dumping sites. This started 5 years back. According to William Tladi they have been reporting but maintenance people attend certain areas whilst others are ignored. The foul smell coming from broken and open sewer drains is unbearable for them making it impossible to enjoy food and any comfort of being home in peace. The matter has been reported to Royal Bafokeng Nation call center and also on kgothakgothes. On the 29/09/2019 Rre Christian Loate appeal to Kgosi Leruo on his visit to Thekwana community, but nothing has been done until now. By Kennedy Pholose