Community alerts, Mpumalanga, Phola/ Ogies, Millicent Shungube, 2018/10/15
Collapsed ceiling at school due to blasting
While doing our door to door social udits we came across a very beautiful school that was built by one of the mines, the principal of the school welcomed us in. The reason we went to the school was to find out if the new extension of the mine that is operating closer to the school is not affecting them?. We were shocked to find out what looks beautiful from the outside is actually a lie the school is full of cracks from the blasting and recently there was an incident that happened at the school, whereby a ceiling at the school hall collapsed while blasting was in progress. luckily it was during the weekend when the incident happened. now the big question is what is happening during the week when learners are at school, for how long will the mines disturb our peace.
is disturbing our peace…