Community alerts/ Cliford Mohuba/ Monametse /17-09-2018, 1:59 PM]

REPRESENTATIVES of Barwa Ba Phaladi Mine and Projects (BBP) yesterday left Mathibela village in Zebediela outside Lebowakgomo very disappointed.

This after residents of Mathibela dismissed their planned prospect with an intention of opening a new mine at Farm Groothoek 106.

What was supposed to have been a fruitful public participation meeting at Sekutupu Primary School at Mathibela ended up in chaos with community members demanding that the BBP representatives should leave the place and never set their foot at Mathibela with stories of mining because they were not interested.

According to consultant, Arnold Muindisi who was part of BBP representatives, the department of minerals and resources has accepted BBP’s application to prospect Farm Groothoek 106 with the purpose of opening Gold and Silver mine.

“Our reason of coming here was to meet you as the residents of this area so that we can hear your concerns and ask any questions about this project before it could start,” pointed out Muindisi who was continuously interrupted by most of the opposing residents.

Residents felt that they were betrayed by the tribal authority under the leadership of Kgoshi Sello Kekana who seemed to have given BBP a mandate to prospect the area without their concern.

The chaos at the meeting was brought to order for a while after the arrival of Kgoshi Kekana who confirm that he has granted BBP permission to prospect the area and that no one was going to be relocated from Mathibela.

“These people here came to Moshate to ask for permission to prospect this area and we have given them that. You must not listen to all the lies that once the mining process start, you will be relocated from Mathibela because that will not happen,” said Kekana, much to a round of applauses.

Things however turned ugly soon after he left as the majority of community members said they want nothing to do with the mine because chances are that they will gain nothing from that.

“Mines owners have the tendency of enriching themselves while the communities staying around suffers.

Story by: Cliford Mohuba (MCW)