Community alerts/ Mmabore Mogashoa/ Schinoord, Tshehlwaneng/24-09-2018, 12:15 AM]

A body of one of the villagers was found in a hole dug by the pipeline workers. While people were celebrating on the 01st welcoming Spring, a young man fell into the hole and lost his life. His body was found in the early hours on the second day in the hole next to the Tshehlwaneng T-junction.


The pipeline is from Ward 12 to Ward 13 of Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality for the water project at Nokomeetse near Schonoord. Is a big loss as he was still young and his future looking bright. The pipe line is done so that people can get water as there is shortage of water in the villages, but it is a risk sometimes as holes are not well covered or not well supervised at night.

Story by Mmabore Mogashoa (TCCF)