Community alerts, Mpumalanga, Empumelelweni, Mapule Mdluli, 2018/09/30
The water problem in Empumelelweni
The water problem has gotten worse over the past few years.We spend days, weeks even months without getting a single drop of water from our taps in our homes. People are forced to find other means of getting water. As water is life ,Is needed in our everyday lives.People are forced to create other ways of getting water and they created a source of water from a wetland area .they dug the wetland untill clean water came out.No-one knows how clean the water or how healthy it is. The water might be making people sick without them knowing because it’s the only source of water throughout the time when the is no water .The problem is been going on for years and it is only getting worse with time. Whenever there is no water I believe that water should be supplied to the people by tank which is something that is not being done by our municipality, Nothing is being done to fix this problem. We go around our daily lives thinking tomorrow it will get better but it doesn’t .The municipality is making promises to resolve this matter but go by without anything being done,Nothing changes year after year
Whenever there is wind, the wind blows the dirt into that water .That water is also not in a clean environment as cows also drink from that water. The municipality need to attend to this problem before it’s too late.