Community alerts/Margret Molomo/ Mokopane/12-10-2018, 11:53 PM

Mokopane Limpopo province. On the 10th October i and other three(3) community leaders we had a private meeting with CEO of SAHRA Mr. Koloti at Pretoria Centurion. The issue was about the human bones and the application from Ivan plats about the relocation of graves from the area where initiation school was taking place in 1968.He sagestethe GPR machine for testing the remains at the area. This is the area where the mine want to build a storage tailing dam. I told the CEO of SAHRA that it will never happen at Ga Mokopane, when i asked him about the empty promises they have made for the rescue of human bones at the field ,he failed to give me answers. He even deny to meet with DMR, land reform and Public protector  on Friday, he even advised me to go to court if I’m not satisfied what i shame on him. i told him that we rather meet in court.ive got a recording of all our conversation

Story by Margaret Molomo

Community alerts / Margret Molomo /Mokopane /12-10-2018, 11:59 PM]

 Mokopane Limpopo.

Today  12 October 2018 at Pretoria DMR office where we had a meeting with  DG. Head of SAPS.DMR officials and public protectors officials about all the problems that we have about Ivan plats mine he promised to come for site inspection.