Community Alerts/ Rapule Moiloa and Dawn Anderson/Soweto/07/11/18

The councillor of Reverlea,Noorgesig and Zama Impilo Douglas came with government officials  to Zama Impilo informal settlement today because the community has been complaining about the gas lines,Rand water lines and petroleum lines that are running from Zama Impilo informal settlement passing in to Reverlea and the councillor together with his guests did not engage the community although the community asked questions and the only thing that was important for the councillor and his guests was time and to quickly finish what they were there for rather than giving the community time to hear what other problems are there in the community the community of Zama impilo asked the councilor and his guests

The problem with these gas lines, petroleum and Rand water lines is these if it happens as illegal mining is taking place it could result in a huge destruction of the entire area of the informal settlement and the rest of the south of Joburg area in fire that’s one of the complaints that came from the community of Zama impilo and instead of the officials to stop and listen they spoke badly about the people in Zama impilo saying these people waste water that they are paying for and when they come back they will only come back to remove them from the informal settlement these are the words of the officials. By Rapule Moiloa and Dawn Anderson