Community alerts/Katlego Malesa/Ga-Makgopa village/23/12/2018, 10:38 AM]

Ga- Makgopa village is a small community in Sekhukhune Fetakgomo -Tubatse where people and families relied on the Twickenham mine for jobs and stability but ever since the mine closed down is difficult for some community members and their families to get job, whereby they also relied on the illegal chrome mining but since all that has not being operating its a struggle to them.

During the beginning of this festive families have being going to the illegal chrome ore digging and collecting chrome to sell to some investors, where they full a wheel barrow with chrome and get paid only R30 per wheel barrow, it was painful when seeing kids and their parents collecting and when asked I was told that they are trying to buy food and clothing with the money they get from the chrome for their children for the festive..
Since there is lack of unemployment in the country people are putting their lives at risk digging deep ores which they can fall on top of them for trying to give their kids stable life

Story by Katlego Malesa