Community alerts/ Eunice Mampa/ Ga-Mampa/16/01/2019, 7:28 PM]

The contractor didn’t consult our royal house , instead of consulting royal house he consulted old trustees and the community got furious and took law into their own hands  unfortunately some were injured during that chaos because old  trustees were throwing stones to the royal house while the community was at chieftaincy and they burnt down the royal     kraal down but now five of our community members are arrested for hitting  one the trustees’ car with stones and at old chieftaincy nine guys are arrested for burning down kraal of our royal house , we were at police station asking about  their bail “its R1500,00” for each one they told us that tomorrow its their hearing day , I’m excited because community donated R200,00 each household and that money its equal for their bail

Story by : Eunice Mampa