Community Alerts, Lorraine Kakaza, Mpumalanga, Carolina, 2019/02/04

Constantia Room, Cape Sun Hotel ,23 Strand Street , Cape town Monday 04 February 2019.
African extractives governance: A dialogue between Europe and Africa .

Eu Commission EU
African Strategic
Presented by Massimo de Luca First Councellor- Head of Trade and Industry

• There is a systematic effect of New alliance
• To improve political accountability (Africa matter) the economic partner agreement link West Africa Central Africa , SADC, EPA, ESA /EAC
• AfcFTA Lesson from EPA ‘s
Economic rationale of regional integration essential technical aspect (custom PoO, sps, TBI

-Negotiation capacity
-Policy dialog and stakeholders’ inclusion
– Preserving policy space in mining
-Festering investment in key areas both traditional (automotive agro processing and innovative 4IR batteries catalytic converters)
-Including civil society, making use of safeguards and other tools

Critical Raw Materials Initiative

• Aim to strengthening Eu Industry through the sustainable sourcing (including secondary minerals) partnership

• Critical to Eu Africa relations generally

• To be seen as an Opportunity partnership in a value chain batteries

Kimberly Process: Eu Chairmanship 2018

-There is a reduction in conflict related to the trade.

EU conflict regulation 2017/18

As from January 2021.EU importers of tantalum, tungsten and gold will have to carry out due diligence on their supply chain.

Cooperation and research
-There is a need to support governance and sustainability (Pan African to support EITI)

• There is Still a lack of strategic planning so now.
– Eu is planning to have a mining dialogue in Africa as we all know they use to have it in Canada, China and Latin America

The Geological Survey of Europe
EU would have a very strong mining policy and the mining waste needs to be regulated on how they handle it and the Pan African support to EGS
-It is an initiative to improve building capacity (general assembly, management and the aim is to become EU, level data and service provider to EU institution and stakeholders
one may ask why ?

Chris Rutledge (Action Aid South Africa/IANRA) on the panel

– There is a need to relook what do we mean by gorvenance

-WE have experience in engaging with government, communities and mutual understanding on how to manage our resources there is no much benefactions as most of our natural resources have been exported.

– African people have remains poor in the world is not just mining and our government as well is not taking this issue into considerations.

-We need to have transparency and effective management especially on private sector there is a need for commercial in Africa to focus on the mission that they have cause or the environmental damage.

-A driving force should come from African mines talking directly to the Europeans companies

How do we extract as much as possible or as quick this is problematic you then ask yourself?

what are the benefits of communities how can government do this where is this money that is meant to develop Africa people on the grassroot level are suffering that is why there is a need for communities to be involved to engage that will empower them to be part of the solution?

– How do we cultivate wealth in order to develop a sustainable way from the minerals that are on the ground?

How is it valued?

– The natural capital needs to be calculated and will then realise that Africa is a loser because there is a lack of governance.

Government do benefit but people on the ground are poor there is a problem with the extractive model -conflict in minerals Kimberly Process, UN Binding treaty they are not binding they’re voluntary cooperation’s must be liable must pay and go to jail .

– Our society are being removed from their heritance we have to agree on the principle like the binding treaty is critical to the solution and the process is still far people need to be hold accountable liable for all the damage that they cause we need to solve the problem put all the principle in the table we need to deal with the reality inequality , moment of hunger ,poverty at what point are we engaging that its now.

AMV – to make sure that there is a delivery and delivery might go to expectation looking at the issues of Ownership

– Investing relationship to make sure that we at the right place .

– EU must see Africa as a development partner not as a trade to also take lesson and EU has not being official collective in this process .
Isaac Kwesu from the association of Chamber of Mines mentioned that need to work on partnership and address the issues of government.

African government do not have capital they need technology and a frame work come up with governance frame work.

Africa needs to finance their own resources and partnering EU and others to make sure that they have how much resources ,they have underpin investment we have to share benefits…
talk about upstream and downstream you cannot talk about mining in africa without talking about the small artisanal miners
pubic, private and community what cause conflict is the issue of mistrust the AMV and government they hide the information government should work together with private sector

what is the value of the supply chain what would be the right way to handle all this problems that we are facing .

– How do we deal with Geo politic ?’EU’s “