] THO March to legislature Members of THO(Traditional Health organization

Community alerts/Mmabore Mogashoa/Schinoord, Ga-Mogashoa/12/03/2019, 6:47 PM– organisation of Traditional healers/practitioners(TDrs)all over Africa) gathered on 12 March 2018 at Lebowakgomo 4-way to submit memorandum to the speaker Mma Boshielo at legislature. They were in their red colours and singing ancestral praises. They started with burning Impepo(traditional nguni medication that is used to speak to ancestors and chase evil spirits) while waiting for the speaker. TDrs consists of young and old people, men and women and is really disturbing to see them complaining. They are pillars of our tradition and heritage. The problem is they have been struggling and not recognized by the government. TDrs complaints are as follows: * TPH Act(gazette) that requires TDrs to be able to write, read and have a certain level of schooling. TDrs are controlled by ancestors and laws cannot just be made without consulting them. Traditional healing cannot be compared with western practices. *TDrs are not bad people or witches. * Government must fund them. They also want to be proud of their gift. *There should be curriculum to teach at schools about traditional healing. * There must be department for them in government. *Traditional medication must be on the same level as western medication. *To be protected as traditional healers,their rights and traditional medication. Traditional healing is like gold, is priceless. *Should get places to practice *Drugs are destroying our people * Bogus doctors bring medicines and destroy our beautiful gift of traditional healing. Illegal abortions are done in the streets and wrong medication given to our people. * Should be able to be recommended internationally. *Need to work in the government departments also. *Traditional knowledge and rights are abused. Their dentity need to be protected with proper Traditional medicine policies. *Should not be charged for getting medication from plants. Government should teach them how to use plants without damaging the plants. * Government to help bio traders, cultivators and community. *Government should help mining affected communities exposed to pollution – People become sick because of mines and plants are affected, some plants die and where will they find them? *medication equipment should be provided so that traditional medication can be measured * Dumping of plastics and baby diapers


Story by Mmabore Mogashoa