Community Alerts, Mmapule Mdluli, Mpumalanga, Emalahleni, Empumelelweni, 2019/03/27

Emalahleni local municipality is under the ANC .The ruling party. The municipality is not doing its job of collecting rubbish in the suburb Deljudor in Emalahleni near the old game. That place is full of offices and is a place of work but the rubbish dumpers says a different story .People at the suburb areas are paying the municipality a lot Of money for services but still our municipality doesn’t do it’s job

You will find rubbish dumpers full of rubbish for weeks near offices and near the road without being collected for weeks. Emalahleni municipality doesn’t care about environment . Emalahleni is dirty and nothing is being done about it.Our municipality is just turning a blind eye on everything that is happening around Emalahleni