Community alerts/ Francina Nkosi/ Lephalale, Steenbokbaan/23/07/2019, 10:00 PM
20 July 2019

Waterberg Woman Advocacy Organisation held an Energy Assembly Debate & Workshop at Ntsako Guest house in Marapong.

The main focus of Energy Assembly was for women to understand how energy works and its significance.

Participants shared their experiences using different case studies and the usual methods of applying energy such as burning wood to make fire and cook, usage of paraffin or gas.
Woman bare the burden of doing unpaid labour.

Wonder bags were introduced to Women, which are made of cloth and are for keeping a hot pot .

The wonder bags, which can assist most families to reduce electricity costs are able to continue cooking food even in a case electricity cuts off as they get energy from the solar.

“Women attended the workshop in their great numbers and we also had men who supported .
By Francina Nkosi