Community Alerts, Promise Mabilo, Mpumalanga Emalahleni, Ezinambeni, Empumelelweni, 2019/08/13

Energy costs is our burden even though we live close to Power stations.
In Mpumalanga eMalahleni we have 12 power stations around. But the unfortunate part is that we don’t feel the presence of the Power stations through cheap and easy access to the energy they generate around, Only impacts.
The woman and girls who manage natural resources and take care of the families and communities are the ones who bear the most of the external costs.
Talking to one resident at Empumelelweni eMalahleni Mrs Nkosi
I don’t even see why I have this electricity because am unable to enjoy it instead is putting me under stress because is very much expensive and for me and I only rely
from social grant.
Worse part of all am having a child living with asthma she uses an electric machine to help her breathe. Sometimes I can’t even afford to buy that electricity I have to survive by borrowing money always when the situation is bad for her. I can’t afford the electricity bill at all I save buy using coal to cook even though I know is not healthy for my sick child.
Government and companies calculate the price of energy and they don’t includes of all the impacts after their profit.
The impacts are carried by women in our communities