Community Alerts/Kgotatso Huma/Thekwane-Rustenburg/29 July 2019

As we all know that we in the 4th Industrial Revolution including the 5G (5th Generation) technology, we feel we were left out and we are excluded from the Town Planning Program. We live in a mining-affected community and our school curriculum is set for failure. A Technical and Commercial High School would be viable to enhance the chances of our students getting a better understanding of how the Industry Operates.

Its high time we as Mining Affected Communities have Smart Schools because we are the doorstep communities and we are affected directly by the Mining activities taking place. We have computer labs without computers in both our Primary and High School, mainly because of the high crime rate due to the high rate of unemployment. There are no security cameras nor a security company deployed to guard the premises which would also create employment, they are left exposed and they’ve been stolen a couple of times leaving of Students with no computer skills. Our Curriculum must include Computer Studies as a compulsory subject to all students and we must invest more in Digital Subjects so that our students must be exposed to the New World.

We need skills development programs to ensure that we eradicate poverty in our communities, we should be able to start our own businesses with the skills we’ve acquired to maintain our lifestyles and to create more job opportunities. We need a training centre where we can workshop our community members who are interested in a particular project which would also create employment in building the infrastructure. WiFi should be easily accessed according to the lifespan by the mines operating in our community, we should be having many Engineers with Degrees in our community, by now the state of our community should be a Township, not a Rural Area. Leadership is also failing to create such platforms because they are corrupt. We are faced with a lot of problems because we don’t get such opportunities in our community to elevate our minds. We are stuck in a World full of superstitions and negative mindsets because we are not exposed to such Intelligence out there in the world. We are forced to downgrade ourselves mentally and we are going nowhere slowly. We need a miracle! The mines just come and do as they please leave us with nothing while we stand aside and look. We need exchange programs where we get to meet new people and integrate with them. By Kgotatso Huma