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Rayten Engineering Solution is a Company that has tools and Equipment  of measuring dust and monitoring systems.

The dust measuring device PCE-RCM 05 is used to continuously measure the particulate matter content at the workplace. The dust measuring device displays PM2.5 particulate matter as well as temperature and humidity on the display.

Dust sentry PM25 Dust Monitor

The Dust Sentry is a modular air quality monitoring instrument for the measurement and compliance of specific dust and particulate designation. It provides real-time particulate measurement of PM2.5 using a well proven near forward light scattering nephelometer and high precision sharp cut cyclone – with a measurement range of 0-60,000 μg/m3. By changing the sharp cut cyclone, the Dust Sentry can be configured to measure PM10, PM1 or TSP.

Particle Counter Dust Measuring Device PCE-PCO1

Measures six sizes of particles Camera for photo and video recording Sensor for relative humidity and temperature Large colour screen Internal memory: 80 MB The particle counter PCE-PCO 1 is a universal measuring instrument for measuring the concentration of particles in the air. In addition to that the particle counter has sensors to measure temperature and relative humidity, so the particle counter becomes an all-rounder.

By Donald Mphethi