Malvern Mudiwa, Marange Development Trust
Marange, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe just like any other countries across the globe is taking measures trying to reduce the chances of the spreading of Covid 19 commonly known as Corona Virus. So far 25 cases of Covid 19 has been official confirmed with 3 deaths so far. The 21 days of lockdown ended midnight of the 20th April 2020 without any meaningful signs of total control hence the need to extend by 14 days of Lockdown in line with the World Health Organisation (WHO). There are conditions that the President relaxed such as those who supply basics foods, medicines as well as mining companies were allowed to operate after making sure employees has been tested. After the announcement of the Lockdown a lot of people opted to spend the entire period in the rural areas. The Marange diamond mining fields is one Area where we witness an influx of people mainly for the purpose of illegal activities, social distancing is not adhered to though there is compliance in the shaking of hands more still has to be done to make people aware of the danger that comes with the Virus. I personally witnessed communities stampeding in a hut at a funeral to console one another ,so as the gathering out side , one would wonder what will happen if there could be one person with the deadly disease. Marange diamond fields is situated approximately 85km South West of the City of Mutare Manicaland Province in Zimbabwe
The true feeling from people is that there are mixed feelings some take it serious some doesn’t especially the Apostolic sect who doesn’t believe in medical treatment still remain a thorn in the flesh. More needs to be done as far as awareness is concerned