5 April 2020

Mmabore MogashoaGaMogashoa, Sekhukhune

I was speaking to a friend of mine from Gauteng about the lockdown and she mentioned something about schoolwork. Her children are getting schoolwork for a week and submit through Whatsapp. My concern is children who attend school in the villages or public schools. Some don’t even have phones and the last time they spoke to their educators was on 17 March 2020 when the schools closed because of the Corona Virus. What is it done to make sure that children will have good marks at the end of the year? Yes it’s lockdown and children are at home but it looks as if those with no technological gadgets will be affected. What does department of education say about this? If things don’t get better what will happen to our children? Some children have tablets in schools and some don’t. Does the education department working on ways to improve the technological quality of education not only because of COVID-19 but for future purposes? Links for downloading study guides and textbooks are given but for people who cannot afford data is a problem. This will affect the poverty stricken communities badly as there are no WIFI facilities nearby. Are private schools working to produce good results while majority of the public schools will be overloaded with work once the schools re-opens? Isn’t e-school supposed to be for all? Or some children should wait for classes when the school opens? A big question being will the infections be lower after the given lockdown? If not what will happen?