17 May 2020 under Fetakgomo Tubatse local Municipality.

In this situation of lockdown we as Activists we are not sitting down, Since MACUA &WAMUA come up with the idea of helping people. Today we were at Thokoane village in ward 09 distributing Food parcels and Dignity Packs for women. The village is affected by Twickenham Mine. They are crying about Dust they experience when the cars doing up and down.

Their house get Dusty after cleaning. Our local Municipality don’t intervene on the matter “said Residence”. While we were doing distribution we found family lives in RDP house, they are 25 in number. They have different genders so you can see that they don’t have privacy and they know if one of them went out before cooking it means you are on your own “said the family”. Our food wasn’t enough for them.