18 May 2020
Kennedy Nape

Anglo American Acid Converting Process Plant in Rustenburg, it is 1, 5 km from Bokamoso residential area and 2km to Mfidike. The plant converts Sulphur dioxide into sulphuric acid to minimize this harmful gas emission. Today the plant exploded and caught fire. Passing near the plant employees were evacuated and there was a black, brownish pungent smoke and fire at the acid plant. It was dark due to the cloud of smoke covering the sky.

My worry was the people near the plant and motorists passing near the plant like myself. They did not close the roads near their proximity. I think couple of people were exposed. I am still trying to establish if Anglo tried to warn the residents or not. Even with a face mask while capturing pictures I was exposed to the smoke. Now I have severe headache, shoulder and back pains and I was advised to drink milk. Now It looks like they controlled the fire because the smoke subsided.