Mmathapelo Thobejane
Ditwebeleng village

Its been week 7 since the lockdown in SA what worries people is that it seems scientists still struggling to get cure for this pandemic (COVID – 19).
In Sekhukhune area people are now all over the mountain harvesting the lengana (herbs) that grows in the mountains like Lolo mountain, the problem is that no one knows for sure if this herb can cure Corona but anyway people are out there and harvesting and starting to sell this to other people who need it.
The concern is that this herb grows or can only found in big mountains like Lolo mountain were safety is a problem, people might slip because there are big rocks that are not easy to climb on and the other thing there are big snakes.

What will happen if one get bitten by such this will lead to serious problems for our people?

But the problem is that people are hungry and take this as an opportunity to make some money and put food on the table for the loved ones especially during this difficult time.

Not to mention that everyone go and harvest this herbs children and women are also part of this and is not safe there at all for them to walk around there looking for the herbs.