Sefikile village
Amo Tshabalala


Minister Angy Motshekga’s call of resuming the school on the 01 June 2020. Is it a good call/decision to make?

How many are we in South Africa who have already conducted the tests of CORONA VIRUS?

We are more millions in South Africa but the test that have already been conducted is +- 457 000, but then the call of children to resume to school is it the right call to make?

Aren’t we supposed to be called in discussing the matter and take a way forward since are our children that will be resuming back to the school?
It will be fair only if we will be called in discussions and take a decision together with the government and also the precautions for our children.

We are preaching the consultation and also the government does that but we are doing the opposite as it has been done before why?

Because we know that we are doing the wrong things and we know that our communities are always right when it comes to observing. We all know the value of this Virus, how volatile is but we are not valuing it the way it should be. Why can’t this CORONA VIRUS be treated like charter, bills when it comes to decision making to our children?

I mean look at the Minister’s decision of school reopening on the 01/06/2020 is it a right call to make based on the fact that the number of people who conducted the tests vs. those who have not.

This simply means that we are being g told what to do. Looking at how this virus has spread and the deaths that has occurred am a bit scared for our children. I am aware that the schools will be hygienic clean, sanitisers and masks will be available but it should have been given more time to try by all means to contain the virus until it decreases.

Everything should be treated based on its value and at this time Corona virus kills and it should be treated as a killer and be killed.

Let us work together and make South Africa a better place to be and to shine to.