21 June 2020
Motlhabe village (Moses kotane)
Goitse Gaborone

The world at large still facing life threatening disease called corona virus which makes our daily life even tough, our president has opened up most of things in our country which are schools, workplaces, churches and etc.

Motlhabe community has opened schools as government has instructed, open liquor stores as people like alcohol, open the some workplace like tribal authority office to assist the community but the community churches are still closed.

The church leaders and the pastors of Motlhabe village said the first cases of corona virus was from the church so they said that they want to make their churches safe place. They still need to have all equipment of covid-19 such as sanitizers and masks and everyone should be given mask from the church.

The church leaders said since the reopening of things in South Africa this pandemic covid-19 is increasing daily and more death escalating in high numbers. So they will wait till level 2 to see what is happening because they said their call is protect their congregation against this pandemic covid-19.