Klerksdorp Tigane
24 May 2020
David Gaanakgomo

Among the lockdown rules there is that of funeral attendance. When the HIV/AIDS pandemic started people were scared to attend the funerals of someone killed by the pandemic. This is one of the customs about funerals just like the one which is introduced by the authorities concerning the covid-19.
Every township has its own custom when coming to funerals. Among them it include the nature that caused the death. People will attend the funeral either because they know you, but with lockdown rules it is stated that only 50 people are allowed to attend the funeral and the attendance register with contact details to be filled. If the family is too large just too bad.
When coming to kasie custom when funeral that need to be attended the rules are ignored. One of the rules is when someone is murdered the community want to hear from the funeral speeches the reason that led to the killing. The young guy was killed by a knife and everyone from the local wanted to hear the reason which led to the funeral being fully packed.

The police officers tried to monitor the attendance but failed. The lockdown rules were not followed and the family members could care less. The social distance was not followed. When interviewing the attending people said that they are the followers of the deceased from soccer or choir while some are church members. The crowd was only well monitored at the graveyard as the police officers were at the entrance.
According to the family resource yesterday late the police officers graced them with a visit where they were issued with R5000, 00 fine. The family is not worried about the fine as long as their son got a well-deserved send off.