24 April 2020
Mohuba Clifford
Monametse Atok

As on 24th April 2020 Gift of the Givers Foundations together with Anglo American were in the community of Monametse distributing food parcel.
It is reported that only 76 people will get food out of the large community.

People gathered as everyone was listening attentively to hear if their name are being called but no one was told if they will come back for another round and that leaves people confused and others be saying favouritism has being used in making the list of those that will receive food parcels or not
And again thanks to Mejcon they also put a helping hand in distributing 52 food parcels for others who were not shortlisted in gift of the givers list even though they were not enough for everyone
But at last people are smiling and there’s laughter as people will go to bed in full stomach
All thanks to Monametse activists and community engagement forum
Alouta ✊