A challenge and idea for designers – How can we prevent overcrowding in shopping centres to prevent the spread of Corona Virus

07 May 2020
Makhuduthamaga, Sekhukhune
by Mmabore Mogashoa

After reading a post on Facebook and what I saw during the lockdown. I thought of an Idea which can save our people’s lives.

If there can be a machine that can be linked to SASSA system with good security and health safety measures to print a voucher that can be used in the shopping centres to get money or buy groceries from the 15 of the month, I think there won’t be overcrowding in the shopping centres. People will print vouchers and go to the shops in their own time. The virus is spreading fast and we need to come up with ideas to have a better system. With my little knowledge of programming experience and design I know is possible. We just need software engineers, system analysts, and programmers etc. to make the idea work. Can people come up with better ideas because we are not sure if the virus will stop?