27 May 2020
Thekwana, Rustenburg
Kenny Nape

I read a report that, 51 employees at Thembelani shaft, Sibanye mine tested positive for covid19. The shaft is meters away from Delela informal settlement and near Zakhele informal settlement, Mfidikoe, Boitekong and Sunrise. Those 51 employees interacted with families, relatives, other employees and the public in and around Rustenburg.

You can imagine the huge impact they caused before their status was confirmed. With these numbers were are now approaching a more relaxed stage 3. One of the Mfidikoe leader told me that a local resident was taken to Klerksdorp yesterday after it was confirmed that he tested positive. ” I think we are anticipating catastrophe said Shakes. This shows infection will triple on level 3 because we have four shafts around us. We won’t finish level 3, it will take us to state of emergency.