Sefikile Village

We are being left outside in most critical decisions that are taken and I think we should have been part of it as a citizen who has a right to and as a voting citizen.

Our say in the most cases is very important, cause somehow if we are not part of any decision taking there are going to be something’s that will affect us since we had no representatives on those decision taking.
We should be consulted as this virus COVID 19 affect us all equally so and should be consulted for anything for that matter.

I have observed that most people don’t understand what Corona virus is, we’re being told what to do in matters that we have to sit and discuss. The people who agrees with the decisions made by President Cyril are those who have history with the ANC and don’t have a clue of what consultation means. This is the matter that we all have to participate into not by being told what to do.

Lot of people are talking but just like I have said most who agrees are those with the history of ANC and its coming g from to where it is today not that I do have a problem with that but we need to be part by decisions not by being told.

A lot has happened since this Corona virus, but we have never been consulted to sit and discuss. We have seen the outsourcing of Cuban doctors not that I do have a problem with that but the decision was taken without our knowledge and being consulted.

I do believe that we do have people with the same experience as the 2000 Cuban doctors but we are nowhere to be found cause of the decisions made by President Cyril.

Those are the things that makes me wonder if I am really a SA citizen… We’re children and we have children to look for in terms of taking decisions and anything g for that matter.

We need to be taken serious but it’s up to us that we will be taken serious in matters like this one and others that are coming.

People are complying but not all of them, out of the 100% there is 80% that is complying in the Sefikile village but most who are complying are older people and few of youth people like me am also complying and encouraging others to comply too.

Some of the mine workers now understand the value of this virus, and they think going to work is very risky as some of them already refused to resume at work. They say its danger to them and their families but so somehow they don’t have a choice they are bound to show up at work but they are not certified.

Siyanda Bakgatla Platinum Mine is complying with the 50% capacity of workers yes, some of the mine workers went there without being g called and the mine send them back so I yes Siyanda Bakgatla Platinum Mine is complying.

Mine workers and communities fear for their lives as this virus is easy to get to others. If one is affected the whole will be affected by this virus. Mostly fear for their women and children.

We’re not happy because we can make more than just R350 in a week but we going to get it by month so it’s not enough. Many ask what R350 can buy.
Toiletry only. But the question is is it enough for the whole month? The answer is NO is not enough and but yes it’s something but it makes the situation worse.

They prefer to make their own money in their own way but not criminal way though. They work and get paid for what they have done/worked for.

By: Amo Tshabalala.