27 May 2020
Motlhabe – Moses Kotane
Lentswe Buda

The Somalians(Some Of Muslim Arabs Lost In Africa) shops has been a great example to the community ever since the regulations were not followed but since the Somalians has been not allowing people to go into the shop without face mask and being hand sanitised people now bring their masks and the other local shops has also adopted besides the Zimbabweans local spaza shops, they display the sanitizer in the counter in case police come, their reason of not sanitizing people is because sanitizer is expensive so they cannot afford to waste over a litre of sanitizer each day.

Unlike other areas not so far from towns and police stations where police patrol streets every now and then in Motlhabe streets are still as busy as usual, its business as usual. People are still taking local piece jobs ever since the local building materials are operating as usual.